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Providing high quality security services from start to finish.


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Adam Fife

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Fife is founder of CenCore Group. Adam spends his time focused not only on strategy and performance management, but also on organizational structure, culture, talent management, investments and M&A, and shareholder and stakeholder management.


As an executive, entrepreneur, investor, organizational consultant, and board member, Adam brings unique perspectives, connections, and experience to the organizations he works with.


His track record of working with founders and CEOs as a board director, where he focuses on building better dynamics, processes, and executing core board activities more effectively, is directly correlated to stronger financial performance. 


Allen Phelps is the Co-Founder of CenCore. He provides unique insight and fresh concepts to the complex challenges CenCore faces. He is result-oriented and has an intuitive ability for finding areas that can be improved and innovated to help CenCore succeed.


Allen has worked in the national security space for 15 years and holds a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University.


Allen can often be found in the mountains. He enjoys all things hiking, backpacking, and kayaking. He also has a passion for cars and good cinema.

Allen Phelps



Joseph Fife

Chief RevenueOfficer

Joseph Fife is the COO of CenCore Group and is responsible for the global operations of the company. Joseph has directed the growth and development of CenCore’s security, intelligence and tailored staffing solutions.

Through his experience and leadership, Joseph has focused on developing and delivering customer-focused business services and solutions resulting in outstanding client service and driving profitable revenue growth.

Prior to joining CenCore, Joseph was an independent consultant helping US based companies expand their footprint into both South America and Europe. He spent more than 2 years overseas and helped three Fortune 1000 businesses successfully begin operations in several countries. Additionally, Joseph was the VP of US based sales for Fluent Home where he directed all US based sales, operations, training and launching of new product.

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University.

When he is not managing the operations of CenCore, Joseph enjoys skiing, hunting, and spending time with his family.

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Luke Pingel

Chief Legal Officer

Luke Pingel is CenCore's Chief Legal Officer. He provides strategic legal, contractual, and compliance expertise to CenCore's executives and operational staff that allows the company to prioritize efficiency and growth targets without sacrificing focus on regulatory requirements.


Mr. Pingel has helped small, medium, and large companies navigate the complexities of government contracting for over 20 years.


He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Oregon and a Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University School of Law. 


Rick Anzelone

Director of Security Operations

Rick Anzelone is Director of Security Operations at CenCore with over 20 years of experience in the security industry. Primarily responsible for the oversight of a portfolio of national clients, as Director of Operations, with his primary concentration on a contract that supports the stakeholders in the Intelligence Community.


Rick possesses a strong background and ability to manage large diverse contracts for agencies throughout the U.S. with exceptional skills in personnel management, operations management, contract proposals and transition management of new contracts, and the skills to help CenCore reduce expenses through scheduling personnel and proper management of those personnel through guidance to the PMO on sites.


Rick has an extensive background in budgeting, project management, HR issues, contract negotiations and grievance resolutions, as well as on site management of large federal contracts for a variety of agencies nationwide.


Before joining CenCore, Rick was the regional VP and Director of Operations for First Coast Security, managing the entire DC Metro region portfolio of contracts for the company. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in English from Thomas Edison State University in NJ, and a second major in history from Mt. St. Mary’s College.

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Wendy Warren

Director of Proposals

Wendy Warren is CenCore’s Proposal Manager and Business Development Administrative Manager. An eight-year industry veteran, Wendy is guided by the Shipley Process and has a reputation for producing clear, concise yet compelling proposals. Wendy is passionate not only about proposal compliance but ensuring a successful and smooth proposal development and submission process throughout the proposal life cycle. Wendy also orchestrates the contributions of the litany of the various SMEs that CenCore employs.


Wendy holds a Bachelors of Science from George Mason University, and a Masters of Science from University of Texas. Wendy holds a current TS/SCI clearance.


When Wendy is not managing proposals, you can find her with her 3 young sons, or at her husband’s CrossFit gym working out.


Anthony Huynh

VP Human Resources

Anthony Huynh is the Vice President of Corporate Resources with CenCore, LLC. In this role, Anthony looks after/coordinates/manages/leads a team providing all aspects of corporate resources specifically human resources; training and development; and managing communication and coordination across different departments or teams.


Anthony has more than 10 years of corporate executive experience in US Government contractor industry. Anthony believes in the mission of CenCore, to provide innovative and effective solutions to complex national security challenges.

At CenCore, Anthony has assisted in company efforts to secure new government contracts, expand its business operations, integrated new technologies and software, development of a learning management system for its employees, and maintains relationships with key stakeholders such as clients and vendors.


Anthony has earned a degree from Brigham Young University and holds a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) certification.


In his spare time, Anthony enjoys cooking. He loves to explore different cuisines throughout the world. His most favorite method of cooking is smoking, but has recently started exploring pizza making and is excited to learn and make different types of pizzas around the world.

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Christopher Rogers

Director of Data Management

Christopher Rogers is the Director of Data Solutions and is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining CenCore's data reporting and analytics platform.

Christopher is passionate about creating data solutions that help stakeholders make better, faster, more statistically sound decisions.

Christopher has extensive experience in Data Analysis, Data Engineering, Python programming, and Data Science and is a former Military Intelligence officer specializing in counter-intelligence.

When not immersed in data, Christopher enjoys playing the guitar and drums, cooking, marksmanship, video games, and spending time with family.

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Bruce Gibson

President & COO

Bruce Gibson is the President of CenCore Group. Bruce oversees the development and operations of high-performance teams focused on adapting emerging technologies and management innovations to achieve responsive, reliable, and resilient business mission results.

As a retired commissioned officer, Bruce is results oriented and places a high emphasis on quality of people, product, and performance.


Prior to CenCore, Bruce held executive positions at Prescott and SOS International. He also spent time as a strategy and operations (S&O) consultant with Deloitte. Bruce’s previous experience includes senior leadership within the special operations communities and range from general management within the government services, aviation, secure logistics, and expeditionary operational support sectors to consulting to senior executives faced with critical business and mission transformation challenges.

Bruce received his undergraduate degree from the U.S. Air Force and holds an MBA from the University of New Hampshire.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Bruce has thrived in the Utah mountain scene. When not at the office, he can be found skiing and mountain biking.

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Katie Mead

Chief of Staff

Katie Mead is a seasoned professional with a strong background in executive support and management. She excels at streamlining operations, fostering relationships and driving organizational success. 


As Chief of Staff, Katie orchestrates strategic initiatives, collaborates with cross-functional teams, and implements best practices. Her exceptional problem-solving and communication skills make her a valuable asset in high-pressure environments. Her dedication to personal and professional growth fuels her ability to provide strategic guidance and support to the executive team. 


Katie graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Recreation Management and enjoys all things related to food, family, fitness, and Fast and Furious.


Dwight Bullard

Director of Programs

Dwight Bullard is CenCore Group’s Director of Programs for Information/Technology Systems and Analytic/Intelligence Solutions. He provides comprehensive solutions across CenCore’s multiple lines of effort, engaging both the company’s commercial and federal customer sets.


Dwight is a proven leader, innovator, and problem solver who has served CenCore in both project and program lead positions and in the company’s talent management directorate.

Before joining CenCore, Dwight served in multiple leadership and analysis positions both as a contractor and as an Intelligence Officer within the federal workspace.


Dwight holds master’s degree in both public policy and political science from Liberty University’s Helms School of Government.

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C.J. Baltz

Director of Training

C.J. Baltz joined CenCore as the Director of Training in June of 2023. C.J. firmly believes that proper training develops a stronger workforce, enabling employees to reach their highest potential.


C.J. comes to CenCore after a career at the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service where he retired as a Supervisory Special Agent.  During his time at the Department of State, C.J. lived and worked in Chengdu, China, Zagreb, Croatia, New York City, Washington D.C., Jerusalem, Baghdad, Iraq, and Bangkok, Thailand where he oversaw the protection of Embassies and the Diplomats that worked there.  C.J. has also served in a protection role for many Secretaries of State and foreign dignitaries.


C.J. holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Brigham Young University.


When he is not developing and implementing training programs, C.J. can be found in the Wasatch mountains, where he enjoys hiking, fishing, and skiing.


Romulo Aguilar

Chief Financial Officer

Romulo Aguilar is the CFO of CenCore Group. With 15 years of experience in finance, operation performance improvement, and executive-level consulting, Romulo oversees the day-to-day corporate services of CenCore Group. He is involved in CenCore’s human capital development, as well as mission solutions, financial operations, and the mergers and acquisitions efforts.


Prior to joining CenCore, Romulo was a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as part of the Deals Consulting team. During his 10-year tenure at PwC, Romulo accumulated vast experience in value-based consulting, pre-transaction accretion-dilution analysis, financial due diligence, and valuation of intangible assets for financial reporting and tax purposes. His experience also involved valuation of closely held businesses, early-stage ventures, private equity portfolios, limited partnership interest, and analysis of complex capital structures with multiple classes of equity securities.


Romulo graduated from the Brazilian Military Academy with a degree in Military Science. He also holds a degree in Management Finance from Brigham Young University.

Romulo’s has a passion for all things Jeep and snowboarding.


Brad McKean

VP Business Development, Security

Brad McKean is the Vice President of Security Solutions at CenCore with over 20 years of experience in the security industry. Primarily responsible for the implementation and oversight of large client accounts, as Vice President of Security Solutions, he administers all company-held federal government and commercial security programs throughout the United States and Internationally that support a diverse group of stakeholders in the Intelligence Community. 

He possesses a profound ability to develop tactical and strategic business plans, reduce operational expenses, and improve success. He is adept at developing metrics for both CenCore and its clients to measure performance and value. He has an extensive background in project management, budgeting and forecasting, human relations, and operations management, as well as in managing large, security-cleared contract staff in multi-site, multi-state environments.

Prior to joining CenCore, Brad was Senior Director of the National Security Division at Constellis (OMNIPLEX World Services), prior to . He holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Iowa State University, with a minor in Military Studies, and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Liberty University.

When Brad is not overseeing security programs, the McKean family can be found watching their youngest daughter on the soccer pitches throughout Virginia and Maryland.  When not attending soccer matches, Brad enjoys spends his time with his family at home and traveling. 


Dan Brown

Director of Recruiting

Daniel Brown (Dan) is a Director of Recruiting who works with Cencore’s IT/INTEL and Security contracts to staff our customer’s needs.  He has worked in both a recruiting and operation leadership roles and understands the importance of what strong staffing means to our client’s programs. 


Dan is a retired United States Army Senior Non-Commissioned Officer who served 14 of his 20 years supporting the United States Army Recruiting Command.  Since leaving the Army Dan has supported the Government and IC communities as a Recruiter, Team Lead, Recruiting Manager, and a Director.


He is a Graduate of the United States Army’s Recruiting and Retention School, Station Commanders and Guidance Counselors Course and is an awardee of the United States Army Recruiting Commands Glen E. Morrel Award the highest award achievable for recruiting excellence.  He holds a bachelor’s degree from TUI University in Business Administration and his graduate certificate from TUI University in Project Management. 


When Dan is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 15 years Liz and their 5 kids. He is an avid Hockey fan and loves spending a good amount of his free time BBQing or Smoking food for his family and friends. 


59 W 900 N, Springville, UT 84663



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