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What We Do

CenCore Group specializes in designing, building, securing, and maintaining AI ecosystems at the intersection of big technology and national security.

CenCore LLC AI Integration & Analysis, CenCore Group

CenCore LLC

 AI Integration & Analysis

Security Guard monitoring the screen. Data Center/Enegery security support. CenCore Associates, CenCore Group

CenCore Associates

Data Center/Energy Security & Support

CenCore Group Mobile Sciff, CenCore Development Group


Designing & Building Facilities

Network Hub, Qualcore, Software & Network Development, CenCore Group


Software & Network Development & Accreditation

Fingerprint Access, Clearance Sponsorship, CenCore Group


Sponsoring clearances & developing candidates careers. 

CenCore Group is the largest provider of specialized armed and unarmed physical security services at the highest classification levels for the IC and the IC’s largest cloud service providers, and exceeds the requirements as outlined in ICD 705.​

CenCore Group provides different security services depending on the stage of projects. Whether you're in the construction phase, pre-accreditation​, or post accreditation, CenCore Group has services to provide.

CenCore Group utilizes CenCore Development Group, to design and build ICD 705 and TEMPEST compliant modular accredited SCIFs that can be rapidly deployed to a closet in the White House to anywhere in the world in some of the harshest conditions.​

SCIFs are physical areas where sensitive or classified information is handled, discussed, stored, or processed.ICD 705 specifically focuses on the design, construction, and maintenance of secure spaces, commonly known as Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs).


CenCore Group utilizes QualCore, to design, build, implement, maintain, and secure networks and systems that are built to flex and adapt with the technology they integrate. QualCore handles the process of designing, building, and certifying software systems and network infrastructure to ensure their quality, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. This involves creating and refining software applications, protocols, and architectures that meet specific requirements and adhere to best practices.


Accreditation involves evaluating and certifying the developed software and network components to ensure they meet security, performance, and regulatory standards. 

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National Security Program (NSP) is designed to offer individuals, regardless of their previous work experience, an opportunity to obtain a Top-Secret Clearance and begin a career in the government contracting industry.

Through the NSP program, candidates are assisted in getting into an industry that may otherwise be challenging to penetrate. Once candidates are working with NSP, they are mentored in creating a career path and growing a career in the federal agency field. 

CenCore LLC

CenCore Group utilizes CenCore LLC to provide intelligence analysis support to the F3EAD process, targeting, target value analysis, targeting lists, and targeting effects, via qualified analysts and SMEs. Additionally, CenCore Group is focusing on partnering with the IC and DoD to identify and implement AI-enabled toolsets that both automate and expedite the traditional analysis process.


About CenCore Group

CenCore Group exists to enable and secure an AI-powered future, focusing on the challenges inherent to securing our nation’s most important secrets via supporting the security lifecycle of a facility, product, or toolset.​
CenCore strives to be the trusted and primary source for insight, analysis, and implementation of physical and digital security solutions associated with the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the NatSec space​.


59 W 900 N, Springville, UT 84663



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